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Freddie White
It always amazes me just how diverse the guys who want to appear on this site actually are. Take our latest newbie Freddie, for example. He’s a good looking guy with a lovely body but he’s also got that “innocent” look about him. I bet if you met him on the street you wouldn’t think for one second that he’d be up for some adult modelling – but Freddie’s not quite as pure as you’d think! Sure, he’s got a sweet and shy nature just like his pictures suggest… but lurking behind that lies an exhibitionist streak which has now got the better of him! As I chat with Freddie I learn a little bit about what turns him on and what he’s always wanted to do in the bedroom… and it turns out he’s a very sexual young man. And once he’s stood naked you can see why Freddie is happy being filmed – he’s got lightly toned body and a thick, low hanging cock and balls πŸ˜‰ It really is his secret weapon and once he works his uncut meat to a state of hardness it’s at least eight thick inches in length! Freddie remains quite quiet during his jerk off but that only adds to his charm… but as he jerks his dick first sat on the chest and then stood over the camera, he really starts to get into the swing of things. He shows off his cock and takes some time to just admire it himself, before sitting back and dumping a thick load all over his tight abs πŸ˜‰

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Nathan James
There’s something very sexy about young straight Rugby players… and Nathan’s a prime example of what I’m talking about! He’s a good-looking 19 year old fella with a broad muscular chest, gym toned arms and thick powerful legs… mmmm, lovely πŸ˜‰ Add all of those things to his charming and polite personality and we’ve got a guy who’s really good to watch jerking off! Nathan and I have a quick chat where we talk about his love of fucking doggy-style, fucking on a park bench, and then about the time he got caught fucking by his girlfriend’s parents! Quite the randy young man, eh? But it’s when he strips and reveals his hot stocky body and beautiful hairy ass that things get really interesting… he grabs his soft uncut dick and begins to wank it up to full mast… He leans back against the wall and really picks up his rhythm – you can tell he’s enjoying himself πŸ˜‰ Nathan sits down for a bit, then falls on to his knees where he continues to jerk his foreskin over his cock head. He’s close now, but Nathan wants to make it last so he slows down and plays with his foreskin… but his cock can’t take any more and a few powerful strokes later and he’s shooting his load πŸ™‚

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Freddie W and Jack
Jack returns after 4 months away and man, he’s really been working out hard in the gym! Toned to perfection, it was his love of young, pale-skinned guys that prompted his return… especially when newbie Freddie asked if Jack would fuck him! Oh yes, Freddie wanted to feel Jack inside his ass real bad and for a first time fuck on camera, well, I think the action speaks for itself – hot! There’s some great chemistry here – watch out for Jack holding and caressing Freddie’s throat while he’s fucking him πŸ™‚ But let’s go back to the beginning. Starting off slightly tentatively (as newbies always do) Jack’s soon swallowing Freddie’s big fat uncut cock with gusto. He plays, licks and chews on his foreskin and really makes Freddie shudder with pleasure – you can tell how much by the way his balls leap and fall πŸ˜‰ Then Freddie’s sucking Jack’s lovely dick too, getting all of it in his mouth and down his throat… and eventually they end up in a hot 69 where Jack rims Freddie’s very fuckable ass! By this point both guys are feeling incredible horny and Freddie begs to get fucked. Jack aims and slides his dick in to the hilt and Freddie whimpers just a little at feeling so full of cock. Jack picks up the pace and begins hammering away… pushing Freddie face down on the bed he really pumps and grinds! Next he pulls Freddie up so that he can ride his cock… before putting him on to his back. Fucking away with a fast paced rhythm, Freddie’s in ecstasy and-shoots his load… quickly followed by Jack πŸ™‚

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Jamie Rae
This smiley young man is Jamie and he’s a blue-eyed and blond-haired stunner from the South East of England. Jamie has the most handsome face, perfect teeth, flawless body and a nice thick 8 inch uncut cock that gets and stays rock hard! He keeps himself in perfect shape – there’s not even a hair on this guy that’s out of place πŸ™‚ 18 year old Jamie studies Law at a local college and has dreams of continuing this in to University. Not only does this guy have the looks but he has the brains to back it up too – lucky fella, hey? Jamie’s also got a very sensible side to him which he likes to keep hidden from most people – he eats well, he doesn’t drink alcohol and he keeps fit by visiting the gym and going swimming. This is all very apparent when he gets his kit off; Jamie strips down to just a jock strap (which he got especially for today!) and as we don’t see them that often I let him keep it on for a bit. He starts rubbing himself through the white cloth and then sticks his hand down there to work himself hard. Soon it’s taken off and Jamie’s full 8 inches have grown into something quite spectacular… and cum the end he shoots one very big load all over himself πŸ˜‰

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Darius And Matt B
It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Darius and Matt is more than happy to welcome him back! The chemistry between these two is clear as they lock lips and roll around the bed; shedding clothes and groping each other. Matt is first to suck down Darius’ cock, but he’s soon pumping his own member in the dirty blonde’s throat. As they shift to sixty-nine, Matt grinds his ass into Darius’ face while working his cock over (you’d think he wanted to bottom considering how much he loved the attention to his hole, ha!) He most definitely wants to top, though, and once Darius has his legs up, Matt’s eager to slide his thick cock up his ass. He really puts Darius through his paces, too! He fucks the slighter man this way and that; pile driver, on all fours, and even has him climb on top. While riding it in reverse, Darius is thrown over the edge as Matt jerks his dick, spurting cum all over them both. Darius dismounts and lays back before his abs are coated by a thick load of cum from Matt.

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Brett Taylor
Well, good afternoon, Brett Taylor! This nineteen year old college lad comes to us from Plymouth. After playing coy, he admits our Shane invited him to come shoot with us after they chatted on Grindr. Brett says he’s bisexual, but from the sound of things he’s pretty popular with the boys! Despite his more reserved nature, we manage to wrestle a few sordid stories out of him, including one about having sex in the sea! But none of us are here for story time πŸ˜‰ Brett has soon stripped off his pink boxer shorts and gets comfortable as he begins stroking his seizable uncut cock. When he does blow his load, he’s sure to keep squeezing his dick until he’s drained every last bit of spunk!

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Reece Ryder And Trey Matthews
We had Trey Matthews out not too long ago for some action in the hallway, but this time we’ve got him on a more comfortable bed with the very cute Reece Ryder. This is only Reece’s second duo, but he seems like an old pro as he and Trey get into some deep-kissing as they undress. Reece wraps his lips around Trey’s very thick uncut cock before Trey returns the favour. Good chemistry often shows in the kissing and oral part of a scene and we get the feeling these two like each other. πŸ˜‰ After a hot sixty-nine, and more kissing as they jack each other’s dicks, they’re both itching for more. Trey gets Reece on his back, easing his huge cock up his furry butt (he’s even sweet enough to pause and ask Reece if he’s alright!) Discomfort or not, Reece wants it all, though, and Trey is soon rocking against him. Both lads work up quite a sweat as they fuck in missionary and doggy before Reece fires off a thick load while riding Trey’s cock. He dismounts and does Trey the favour of licking and sucking his balls while he strokes out his own big load… perfect πŸ™‚

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Janusz Gol
We’ve got quite the treat for you! It comes in the form of a handsome Polish bloke named Janusz, who happens to be a lifeguard in Birmingham πŸ˜‰ He tells us he’s straight, but he also expresses his enthusiasm for gangbangs. After some bashful laughter, he confesses he may have done a thing or two with other guys, but only in group sex situations (fine with us!). We don’t want to spend too much time talking, though, because Janusz has a gorgeous, hairy body; obviously, all that swimming as a lifeguard has done him good! He strips down and proceeds to give us one of the hotter solo shows we’ve seen in awhile. Janusz has a beautiful cock to match his body and it doesn’t take him long to get hard as he strokes it. He pulls on his foreskin and rubs and squeezes his balls an awful lot, which we love! Even better, when he finally cums, his whole body bucks as he shoots a juicy load over his chest.

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